Celebrities who turned into unicorns at Halloween

First, celebrities dressed as mermaids. Now, it’s all about the unicorns. Unicorn food, unicorn makeup, unicorn clothes, you know unicorns have infiltrated pop culture when celebrities dress up as them too.

Here’s some celebrities who have recently run around Hollywood in horns and tails:

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

Jenna Dewan Tatum is obviously living her best life right now. Not only did she marry the probably-a-real-life-prince Channing Tatum, she’s got a successful career doing what she loves, she and her daughter have matching mermaid tails AND she dressed up as a unicorn last year.

Her white halter dress and white stockings is a tiny bit of a shoutout to her dancing background, and I’m loving that slightly purple toned ponytail. And don’t forget the glittery horn!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"

Is it a unicorn with wings or a pegasus with a horn? Taylor Swift seems to think it’s the latter, as she calls this creation a “pegacorn” in 2014.

Either way, I love how she proves that you can have a fun and over-the-top Halloween without having to be flirty or sexy.

The outfit looks super comfy but I wonder how she keeps that horn and hat on without it falling off? Is it clipped on perhaps?


Lucy Hale


Forgoing the traditional white unicorn, the Pretty Little Liars actress decided to opt for a rainbow-coloured unicorn look. Lucy Hale matched a pink crop top with a pink flouncy skirt and a pink wig.

Those multi-coloured rainbow fur boots are craaaazy. And that unicorn headband! I wish I had one of those.


Brandi Cyrus


The younger sister of singer Miley Cyrus wears what looks like a long sleeved tutu and a horn and tail. I like how she made a tail out of what looks like multicoloured shiny ribbon. A simple Halloween look but the horn is so outstanding.

First Brandi dresses as a mermaid, and now a unicorn? She must be living my life. Sigh.


Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden goes for the sexy fun furry unicorn for Halloween in 2012.

She’s got furry boots but if you carefully see her left boot in this photo, you can make out the outline of a heel.  Courtney is nothing if not committed to her high heels!

And I know a lot of people gave her flak for dressing ‘slutty’ but to me I don’t care. Do and wear whatever makes you happy!

(Unless your tits are out, I draw the line at tits. But still, the point of unicorns is to have acceptance of each other.)

Also pictured is her husband Doug Hutchison. Is he supposed to be the Burger King mascot? I feel like he is, with that crown and cape.


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Aubrey O’Day


Taking a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book, the Danity Kane girl group singer-turned-reality star showed up at Maxim’s Halloween Party last year as a unicorn with wings.

Aubrey O’Day showed up together with boyfriend and Famously Single co-star Pauly D who is dressed as… a dragon perhaps?

I don’t get that bit of coloured fake hair trailing down her left leg. What is it supposed to be? An extra tail? Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

But I am in love with her pastel blue, purple and pink hair. It’s soo gorgeous!

And can we all just take a moment to appreciate DAT MAKEUP?


Amazing. I love it. And I love the golden horn too. Aubrey, can I borrow your costume just once?


Which unicorn was your favourite lovelies? I think mine was Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s gorgeous white creation!

Much Love,

Fari Wu 🦄


20 thoughts I had when watching The Little Mermaid 20 years later

The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, which was the year I was born.

And I LOVED it. It was the movie I could watch over and over and over again without getting bored. I never got why Ariel wanted human legs when all I wanted was a mermaid tail and to swim around with fish friends.

Watching it again 20 years later didn’t feel weird or awkward. The Little Mermaid may be a children’s movie but it is really a masterpiece and part of Disney’s renaissance period. The music is just as good as it always was.


Now all I see are plot holes and mysterious questions floating around.

1. Every sister has a different hair colour.

Little-mermaid sisters

Are they adopted? Does biology works differently for mermaids and humans?

In The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel’s Beginning, it’s shown that Ariel’s mum has red hair and King Triton has brown hair.

Maybe they have waterproof hair dye in the underwater world?

2. What do merpeople eat?

The Little Mermaid Flounder

Since Flounder is Ariel’s best friend, she can’t be a fish-eater too right?

Maybe all merpeople are vegetarian? I mean if merpeople eat fish, would they be indulging in cannibalism since they’re essentially half-fish?

3. Why doesn’t the shark speak?

Everything else speaks.


Giving sharks a bad name.

4. Ariel, you spend your whole life underwater and your makeup and hair is still flawless.


I need to know what lipstick and haircare products you use.

5. “Ariel. The human world, it’s a mess.”

YAAAS Sebastian, finally someone who gets the human world! That seagull is useless.

Little-Mermaid-sebastian crab

Listen to Sebastian, he knows what he’s talking about.

6. “Daddy I love him!”


Girl you are 16. Have you even talked to him? Do you know what’s his last name?

7. But then again Prince Eric is still as handsome as I remembered.


Sigh. Oh Ariel.

8. That garden of slave worms was so creepy back then.

Aaaand it’s still creepy now. Bravo Disney animators.

9. Clearly Ariel isn’t well-versed in negotiation.


“How about you take my long swishy hair instead?” Or “I’ll give you some fabulous jewellery I found in the ship wrecks I’ve explored.” Ursula certainly looks like an appreciator / purveyor of fine jewellery.

10. Ariel is really pleased about her new legs but shouldn’t she be more focused on the fact that she now has a HUMAN VAGINA?


Asking the real questions here.

11. Why didn’t Ariel just write out that she was the one who saved him?


She could sign her name so clearly she could write.

12. So Prince Eric finds a strange naked woman who can’t speak washed up on the shore, and he just brings her back to live with him?


She could have been an assassin. Or an enemy spy. Or a gold digger.

13. Hee hee hee haw haw haw!

The chef is still my favourite character.


Poor man just wants to cook.

14. Ahh, Kiss the Girl.


Sebastian is totally the ultimate wingman you’re looking for.

15. So Ariel got into a boat and almost kissed a guy, and Ursula calls her a tramp?


Ursula (and the rest of the world) needs to stop the slut shaming.

16. Where is Prince Eric’s family?


They are never seen. In the beginning it is mentioned to Eric: “You’ve got to get back to court – to honor your father’s dying wish and take up his crown!” But what about his mother? Siblings? Distant relatives?

Surely if he was considering marrying Ariel, he would want his family to meet her first?

And he almost got married to Vanessa. Wouldn’t his family members be front and center of the wedding?

17. Wait… merman King Triton and octopus Ursula are brother and sister?!


But what… how… when? Are their parents an octopus and a mermaid/merman?

Or was Ursula originally a mermaid who was cursed into an octopus?

Are octopi ostracized by society compared to mermen, just like humans of different skin colour or sexuality preferences? TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

18. Ariel, I know you have a deep fascination for legs and humans but YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED HUMAN PERIODS YET.


And once you do…

19. What happens to fishing after that?


Since they live near the coast, it makes sense that seafood is one of the largest economic trade. Citizens make a living fishing and selling and cooking seafood. So… what happens now since their new queen is a half-fish with fish friends everywhere?

20. I still want a mermaid tail.



Much Love,

Fari Wu

Celebrities who channelled their inner Mermaid

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? Even celebrities have lifelong dreams of such, just like us. Fortunately for them, they have money and couture and designers on speed dial to live out their dreams. Here are some celebrities who channelled their inner mermaids!


Blake Lively


Making the list of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2011, for one night, Blake Lively showed up as a real-life Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Red waves? Check. Soft green dress? Check. Glowing skin? Check. Only she was swathed in couture, whereas poor Ariel had to make do with a white sail and rope.


And somehow, Ariel still managed to grab the eyes of the Prince. Must be mermaid magic.

Anyway, Blake’s dress was from Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2011 Couture collection. I just love how the material had several tones instead of just one shade throughout, as that made the dress look really interesting.

While I feel like the red hair didn’t really match her tanned skin, I think it still looks really pretty and the overall effect really looks like Ariel.


Marion Cotillard


At the 80th Academy Awards in 2008, French actress Marion Cotillard wore a fishtail dress featuring white scales by Jean Paul Gaultier.

This was the day she won her first Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose (she played the role of singer Edith Piaf), and accepted the award onstage in this dress.

I love how she paired the dress with wavy brunette locks and very minimal accessories. My wish is that the dress would be shinier in photos – can you imagine if the gold scales of the dress were really sparkly?


Gisele Bundchen in Versace


Gisele Bundchen models for Versace’s S/S 2009 collection. There were quite a few outfits from this collection modelled by both Gisele and Kate Moss, which looked like they could belong underwater, but I felt this dress really topped the cake.

I love how the shades of the dress flowed from gold to blue, and Gisele’s tousled blonde hair also creates a relaxed look.

Shooting the campaign on a boat with glass sides and blue-green waters creates a really cool effect too. While it doesn’t obviously scream ‘mermaid’, I feel like the undertone of this ad does showcase it.


Kim Kardashian Halloween costume


For Halloween 2012, the arguably most famous Kardashian went for the traditional glam mermaid look, with long blonde locks, giant seashell bra and lots of pearls.

Husband Kanye West was dressed as a sailor. Of course.


Kim recently also re-wore this outfit again to celebrate her daughter North’s birthday! North got to have her own pink tail and also a mermaid birthday party.

That is both adorable and cool. I am not jealous, not at all.


Perrie Edwards


Last Halloween, the Little Mix singer also decided to dress up as a mermaid, but unlike Kim Kardashian’s quintessential ‘pretty’ look, Perrie Edwards opted to go for a dark siren seawitch look.

With tiny shells and a skintight green tail, she also had loads of glitter on her face and neck. I love that she added jewels and pearls on her face.


Britney Spears


When you’re Britney Spears, you don’t need to wait for Halloween to have an excuse to break out the mermaid tail: you just need a mini pool party!

Britney glams up a casual pool day with a blue tail and a striped sailor-like top while swimming with her 2 children Sean and Jayden. She captioned the photo on Instagram: “The mermaid life” because obviously.


A month later, she posted another photo with her niece Lexie. And both of them were wearing matching tails!


Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Husband Channing Tatum might be transformed into a merman for the Splash movie remake, but that doesn’t mean that wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum can’t get into the mer-spirit as well.

Here she is lounging on the floor in her fab purple tail, while their daughter Everly is playing in the corner, wearing her own purple tail!

What do you mean you don’t lounge around your house with your own flashy purple mermaid tail?


Paris Hilton


Whenever I see Paris Hilton, the lyrics “Even though the Gods are crazy, even though the stars are blind” starts to ring in my head.

Anyway, Paris decided that her ninth fragrance would be named Siren and embody a  playful, sexy mermaid. And of course Paris just had to dress up as a mermaid too to promote the fragrance!

The bottle features a tiny gold mermaid, and the packaging also features a blonde mermaid with a golden tail, so Paris had her own golden tail too. This ad sort of looks like Ariel on the rock, with the waves splashing all around her? I’m not sure if that’s where Paris took her inspiration from.

I actually don’t love this photo, because I feel like Paris’ straight-legged tail doesn’t look very realistic. If she bent her knees instead, it would probably look a lot better. It also annoys me that her hair extensions are very obvious and her real hair ends just above her breasts.


Katy Perry


Not to be outdone, Katy Perry transforms into a pink-haired mermaid to promote GHD hairdryers.

It looks like a really stormy night underneath the Brooklyn Bridge which looks very cool. And Katy Perry is a planking pink mermaid with perfect skin.

To be honest though, the hairdryer sitting on the orange clamshell is basically overshadowed by everything else.

I didn’t even notice it the first 5 times I looked at the photo. Katy is basically taking center stage and the product is sitting unnoticed next to her. Perhaps she should have held it in her left hand? It’s not an effective advert if your product isn’t shining out of the picture.

I just can’t imagine how she’s standing in this image though. Is she on her tiptoes? Is she just standing firmly on the ground? Did they photoshop that thinnest part of her tail or is she standing with one leg behind the other? So many questions.


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga puts her own twist in the traditional colourful mermaids with an all-black body and tail. Ever heard of Yuyi? She is one of Lady Gaga’s alter egos, and appears in Gaga’s You and I music video.

Lady Gaga has even performed live as Yuyi, moving around in a wheelchair since mermaids have difficulty getting around on land. Ahh, the perils of a tail…


Julianne Moore



Julianne Moore recreates Ariel in The Little Mermaid in the Disney Dream Portrait Series campaign in 2008. Helmed by photographer Annie Leibovitz, this was one of a series of photos shot by Annie showcasing celebrities in popular Disney roles like Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas and more.

Swimmer Michael Phelps plays a supporting role in the foreground (because he is an Olympic swimmer, so that certainly makes sense?).

I LOVE the final effect of this photo. I like how Michael Phelps is so into it, like he’s 100% committed to the role. I love the mermaid/merman in the top left corner who looks like she/he’s about to do some circus tricks. And I love that giant tail on Julianne.

Have to admit, those other merpeople look a little evil. Especially the one on the far right? She looks like she’s plotting something, doesn’t she?


Vanessa Hudgens


Best known for her roles in High School Musical, Sucker Punch and Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens decided that her next role would be of the mermaid variety.

So here she is as a mermaid queen with a pink tail! Vanessa posed for Project Mermaids, a project that transforms people into mermaids and mermen to bring awareness to environmental pollution.

To be honest, the Vanessa’s shells don’t look form-fitting 😂

But I love that pink tail!


Bella, Dani and Kaili Thorne



American actresses and sisters Bella, Dani and Kaili Thorne also got into the mermaid spirit for Project Mermaid.

Bella Thorne is most famous for her role in the Disney channel series Shake It Up (as well as her recent run-ins with Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Scott Disick…). Dani Thorne has had bit roles in Nickelodeon and Disney TV shows, and Kaili Thorne also appeared in TV shows like CSI Miami and The O.C.

I think most girls (and maybe boys) have this childhood fantasy of becoming a mermaid/merman. It’s always seen as something cool, different and exciting, so I’m pretty sure most people would leap at the chance of transforming into a mermaid/merman for Project Mermaids.


Noah and Brandi Cyrus


Another set of sisters also got together for Project Mermaid: Noah and Brandi Cyrus. Miley Cyrus’ not-so-crazy sisters got together and posed for a photoshoot.

Noah’s colour scheme was yellow-orange and gold, complete with a gold crown and dark hair. Brandi’s colour scheme was pink and blue, and while this photo doesn’t show it, she had pretty blue streaks in her hair.

And of course, just lounging on a rock being mermaid queens. No big deal.


Victoria Justice and Madison Reed



And yet another group of sisters were transformed into mermaids for Project Mermaid. In 2015, half-sisters Victoria Justice and Madison Reed (who share the same mother Serene Justice) also participated in ocean conservation while gaining orange and pink tails.

Victoria Justice is a Nickelodeon star who fronted shows like Victorious and Zoey 101. Her sister Madison is an aspiring actress with small roles in movies and TV shows.

The main goal of Project Mermaids is to “bring awareness as to how precious the ocean and beaches are and to keep this beautiful environment healthy and clean. 50% of the proceeds are going to be addressed to the Save Our Beach foundation.”




American singer Jojo actually acted in a mermaid movie Aquamarine with Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton in 2006, but in 2014 she decided she was going to become the mermaid. Collaborating with Project Mermaid too, she got to flap around with a giant tail.

She used to be one of my favourite singers! I loved her songs Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late. Not a big fan of her newer songs but I really like her album The High Road.

And I love this photo of her. It looks super cool and very realistic, like a mermaid washed ashore with tousled waves.


I did not include celebrities who dressed as mermaids/merman for television shows and movies. I wanted to include celebrities who volunteered themselves or chose to become mermaids due to their own personal interest.

What I felt after compiling the list was, why is there such a shortage of mermen? The only notable merman on this list is Michael Phelps. I know there’s maybe a couple more, who are reality TV stars etc.

The point is, mermaids are generally seen as pink and sparkly and feminine, and always female. While Michael Phelps and Channing Tatum (in his upcoming Splash remake) are helping to break that traditional mold, mermaids are generally still an exclusively female notion.

Merman, I hope with this website, that we can create a community of accepting unique individuals who appreciate you just as you are. If you are a merman, comment down below and join us!

Much Love,

Fari Wu 🦄

Starbucks has launched a new Siren Tail Clutch


Our favourite coffee place has just swum up with new offerings.

Keeping in line with their mermaid logo, Starbucks has launched new mermaid-themed merchandise.

Siren Tail Clutches!

They come in 3 colours: cool charcoal grey, sweet dusty lilac and trendy millenial pink!


Each clutch features a really pretty Siren’s tail at the front, and the Starbucks logo is embossed on the flap.

The round logo is also embossed on the back of the clutch.


Since they’re small clutches, they probably won’t be able to fit a lot of things.

Starbucks suggests that you could use this when going out for lunch, but they can fit an iPad Mini.


The interior is about the same colour as the exterior, and looks like a soft material. The clutch is held by one brass stud, and there are no pockets inside the clutch.

The Starbucks website doesn’t say what material the exterior is, but it’s like a faux leather or pleather.



The back of the clutch features a tiny pocket. It isn’t big enough to put a phone, but it is big enough to keep a credit card or… your Starbucks loyalty card (of course!!) Look at that tiny logo with the iconic Starbucks mermaid double tails.

Each clutch retails at S$15, and is available from 7 August (today!) at all Starbucks stores except Airport Terminal 1 Transit Kiosk, Raffles Xchange and Samsung @MBC.

My Personal Review:

To be honest, when I saw the clutches in person, I was slightly disappointed.

Firstly, it is a little smaller than I expected. It is just nice if you just want to bring your wallet, keys and phone out, but can’t really fit much more than that.

I also know that for the price point, it’s not going to be super good quality, but I feel like it’s quite flimsy.

You should probably store the clutch flat instead of upright, otherwise it might kind of ‘curl’ in half and frustratingly stay that way forever. I saw it in the Starbucks store at Raffles City, where the sample clutches have already folded over and refuse to be straight anymore.

I do like the material and the look. The faux leather look is very trendy right now, and the finish looks nice. The material feels nice and strong and the interior material also feels and looks nice.

If you like the lilac, I have to tell you that the sweet dusty lilac is more of grey lilac than purple lilac.

I really like the trendy millennial pink version. And the cool charcoal grey version looks more black than light grey, so that’s nice too.



This actually isn’t the first time that Starbucks has launched these clutches. In February 2017, Starbucks released clutches available in a pale blue (blue-grey) or dark blue (deep sapphire).

Totally makes sense since they’re the colours of the ocean waves!

Maybe next time they can come up with nice green shades? PLEASE STARBUCKS I WOULD TOTALLY BUY A MINT GREEN SIREN TAIL CLUTCH.


Previously, these clutches retailed for S$25, but also came together with a limited edition Siren’s Tail Starbucks card with $10 value.

They’re so pretty! I wish they still offer the cards.


Again, the interior of the clutches are a similar shade to the exterior.


The lilac and pink ones probably appeal to the mermaids, but mermen perhaps you’d like to consider the charcoal grey version? Otherwise you can always get the Tablet & Document Folder.

Would you get these and which colour would you get, mermaids and mermen? 

With Love,

Fari Wu

News: Your glitter liquid phone cases could burn you!


Unicorns beware!

In this day and age, we can’t live without our smartphones. And we love buying phone cases that look great and put a smile on our faces.

But beware when looking at those sparkly phone cases with liquid and glitter!



Users have reported burns on their face and body after the cases broke and the liquid leaked onto their skin.

And with plastic cases, who knows when they might break or even crack a tiny bit?

Companies like Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Tory Burch, Nordstrom and Amazon were selling such cases for $10 – $65, and they have recalled the phone cases after these news reports came out.


So far around 24 people worldwide have reported skin irritations or chemical burns from their cases.

If you have bought one, you can contact the store for a refund. Stores like Forever 21 will definitely give you a refund, but online stores, I’m not sure? You should definitely try it.

Swim away from these cases! They look pretty but they are so not worth it.


Stay safe mermaids and mermen!

With Love,

Fari Wu

10 items to travel like a Unicorn


Travelling is always such an amazing unique experience. Leaving your home, going somewhere far away where you can take in the sights and sounds and flavours of someplace completely new. I always feel ready to go travel.

Unfortunately travelling can also suck. It can be so boring, and rushed, and tiring. And we can’t all arrive at our destinations with fab hair, heels and sexy sunglasses.

In fact, most of the time I get off the plane with flat hair, really dry skin and a thousand bags to carry on my own.

So come my dear unicorns, here are 10 items that will make you soar through skies like the unicorn you are and reach your destination in style.

1. A long sleeve shirt with a cool graphic to keep you warm and toasty on the plane.


Get it for $42.75 at Qoo10.

2. A badass unicorn stainless steel travel mug for all your coffee needs.


Get it for $49.01 at Qoo10.

3. A pastel pink unicorn tears water bottle, so you can stay hydrated all the time. Don’t get dehydrated!


Get it for $84.00 from Qoo10.

4. These cool unicorn and rainbow socks to keep your feet warm in the hotel room.


Get it for $9.90 from Qoo10.

5. A colourful powerbank to charge your electronics, whether they are Apple or Android (caution unicorns, reviews mention that the portable phone charger is a little heavy!)


Get it for $19.90 from Qoo10.

6. This lovely pillow pet that also lays flat so you have something to hug on the plane (and be a companion on those annoyingly long layovers).


Get it for $61.07 from Qoo10.

7. This “I’m more majestic than you” unicorn emoji drawstring bag for your carry-on items.


Get it for only $7.90 (sale price) from Qoo10!

8. This unicorn printed bag to hold all your glittery items. Check out those tiny dancing unicorns!


Get it for $112.00 from Qoo10.

9. This cosmetic travel bag to store all your makeup.


Get it for $51.00 from Qoo10.

10. This soft travel pillow to save you from getting a horrible neck ache.


Get it for $14.90 from Qoo10.

*Disclaimer: I have not personally bought or tried these items myself. The links are linked to an affiliate program. I simply believe these items are pretty and would like to share them with you.

Travelling can be really fun. And it can be really exhausting. Let’s all be fabulous unicorns, even while we’re sitting in the airport, watching a movie on the plane or running from place to place!

Léonard Cotte

In my last post, I mentioned my dream destination is Santorini, Greece. My other dream destination I have always had is Paris… tell me what’s yours!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

Travel tips every unicorn needs to know


Traveling can be a super amazing time. Or it can be really really stressful.


The planning, the booking, the checklists, the Googling, the data roaming, all of that can be such a struggle. Oftentimes I feel way too tired to look around and appreciate the new scenery and surroundings.

And sometimes, I come home from a vacation thinking that I need a vacation from the vacation!

These travel tips are based on my personal experience, and I’ve come to realize that stuff is so unimportant, and sharing experiences are so much more important.


Keep yourself hydrated.


Don’t get dehydrated, my lovely unicorns!

The air inside the plane cabin is incredibly dry, and makes our skin dry, flaky and itchy. Not only that, the lack of sleep, the tiredness and the stress from planning the itinerary definitely takes a toll on our bodies.

Bring a water bottle everywhere you go, and take regular sips of water (drinking juice or tea is also okay, but not as good as water!).

Other than drinking water, you can also bring along eye drops, hand lotion or face mists to help hydrate your skin. My favourite is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, because I looove the smell of roses!


And I love pink so the Rosewater is perfect for me (Even though it sprays transparent instead of pink. You know what? Someone should invent a glitter face mist to hydrate our skin!)

I don’t really like the smell of the Calming Mist or Lavender Hydrating Mist, but  you know how scents are so subjective. Someone can love a certain smell and another person can hate the exact same smell.

Anyway I always bring along a tiny face mist in my bag, to spray on my face when it gets hot. The face mist really really comes in handy particularly when my skin is dry or I’m feeling sweaty. Nobody likes to be a dehydrated unicorn.


Charge your appliances.


Don’t forget to charge your phones, cameras, tablets and laptops the night before. It is the worst feeling when our phone battery goes flat… right before we board a plane.

And our phone charger is in our check-in luggage.

So horrible!

Charging time is also a good time to make sure there’s enough memory space in the phone or camera, just in case.


Keep healthy snacks.


Jeffrey Deng

The problem I always have is I either don’t have any snacks in my bag, or only chocolate. So I either get a sugar high or feel really tired when traveling around. Make sure you try to eat healthy even when you’re on a holiday.

My favourite thing right now is either to have dried fruit on me, or some apples or bananas*. Yum!

*bananas are the worst fruit to carry around though because they bruise so easily*


Pack your bag early, and take out half the items


This is my trick whenever I travel somewhere. That’s because I always overpack. Always. I always think that I need a lot of stuff in the hotel rooms, and I should totally bring another shirt, and maybe I should bring leggings too just in case…

And I used to stuff lots of things I don’t even use on a regular basis at home! Soft toys, face masks, extra jackets, I always think I need more things than I actually do.

So now, this is my formula:

  • I write down the items I need to pack.
  • For outfits, I pull out one outfit per day plus one extra (For a 3 day stay, I pull out 4 outfits). I set them down and see if I like the outfits, and then I pack them if they pass.
  • I put everything in my bag, then leave them.
  • 1/2 hour later, I come back and look at the items and try to take out half the things I’ve packed. Most of the time, I can!

Taa daaa. This is how you pack like a unicorn.


Say yes more.


Even if it’s a scary roller coaster ride. Even if it’s a weird food. Even if it’s a place you normally wouldn’t go. Saying yes to new experiences makes Life so much more enriching and exciting.

I’ve said yes to camping even though I’d never done it before. I’ve said yes to zip lining (although I won’t ever do it again!). I’ve said yes to a strange Chinese head massage and I enjoyed it.

So say yes to new things and you’ll be surprised with what you might like or find out about yourself.

But don’t forget, safety first! Don’t say yes without doing some research first, and try to have someone come along with you!


Don’t forget to write down your memories.


Whether it’s a pen and paper, a blog, or photos on social media, journalling is a way to document everything to read back and smile.

I usually write at the end of the day, while things are still fresh. But it depends on unicorn to unicorn, it might be easier for you to write early in the morning during breakfast.

Either way, these words, photos and souvenirs will be a way to remember the wonderful sights, sounds and smells all over the world.



My dream destination is Santorini, Greece. Sooo beautiful. White walls, blue sky, blue waters, an amazing view everywhere you look. I’ve never been there before but I hope to one day. 

Share with me what your dream destination is, my beautiful unicorns?

With love,

Fari Wu 🦄